10th April 2020


Good Friday! It was good to have a day off today (although I keep thinking it was Saturday). We all slept in, and had a slow start to the day. After breakfast the kids watched some TV and I sat out in the garden reading a book (can’t quite believe it was warm enough to site out in shorts this morning).

I looked at the work left to do in the garden but somehow managed to resist actually doing any of it, and instead read and enjoyed the sunshine. Although I still feel less than 100% (bit hoarse, but no temperature again) I found enough energy to carry on building a den with the kids, this afternoon.

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Building a den from hedge cuttings

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D did some printing, although she wasn’t entirely happy (she is too critical!) and I worked with B on getting his book review site finished.

The kids found the milkman had unexpectedly been (we weren’t expecting a delivery on Good Friday, so we hadn’t checked), so we are hoping being out on the step all day hasn’t ruined it.

Later we managed to play some music as well, which D kindly filmed, with F looking effortlessly cool as the drummer, and B doing his best Vince Clarke impression.

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Inside a Fantasy Land rehearsal #isolationcreation

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This evening D and I have been getting things ready for Fs birthday tomorrow. F is so excited and I hope the day lives up to her expectations as it isn’t, of course, the birthday she wanted.

Stay safe, stay strong.

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