21st April 2020


Woke about 8am by which time D had done an exercise video (Davina) and B was already dressed (shirt, tie & blazer) and back at his school work.

F was a bit more reluctant to get the day started (more like me) and woke about 9am. Continuing with the “take it easy” theme she did an Andy’s Wild Workout (CBeebies) instead of Joe Wicks this morning – definitely a more gentle introduction to the day!

F finds breakfast very difficult – she doesn’t really like cereal, gets bored with toast, and getting her to have something is a struggle most mornings. This morning she rejected every option until I suggested a soft-boiled egg (“dippy egg”) at which point she decided she wanted to go “Full English Breakfast” – but since we didn’t have sausages, and didn’t want to open a tin of beans just for her, we settled on bacon, soft-boiled egg & soldiers – although once she’s done with the runny bit of the egg she’s really not interested in the rest.

A bit like me, B is sometimes a bit too easily distracted and prone to procrastination, but is generally happy to get on with his work – and today he worked through Spanish, French, Maths and English (and possibly some others) with no problems. F wasn’t really keen to get started on school work today, and disappeared upstairs to brush her teeth after breakfast and then didn’t come down again – she was back on her bed reading a comic book (Bunny vs Monkey). She agreed to come down and do some work once she’d finished – which she did. F’s school have started to publish some work sheets on their website (which they weren’t doing before Easter) so F eventually got on with the maths worksheet.

D found the whole process of getting F to start work quite stressful – although once F was doing the maths sheet she was very engaged and happy to work through all the questions. D sits at a table with B & F working, while I’m sitting at a desk on the other side of the room – I suspect this makes it easier for me to ignore whether the kids are actually getting on with anything or not (although I’m really good at blanking out stuff around me when I’m focussed on work). I’ll see if D wants to try moving around some days.

Lunch outside again and the kids played nicely outside quite a bit (not sure there were any proper fallings out today). I got on with work, and baked some sour dough.

Then for tea the slightly odd, but successful, combination of lamb burgers, a sauce made from left over barbecue sauce and bolognese and Yorkshire puddings – it was nicer than it sounds (honest) and I was very pleased with my puddings!

Talked to Mum this evening which was nice, tried (and failed) to work out a problem with some code and then watched a bit of TV. At some point during the evening I developed a bit of a headache so just taken some paracetamol and now going to head to bed.

Stay safe, stay strong.

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