24th April 2020

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  • Watching: Parks and Recreation

I woke even later today, and only managed to get downstairs by ten to nine, by which time everyone else was already up, although the kids hadn’t had breakfast. After I’d had breakfast and two lots of coffee I had the last session in my online course to deliver – although I didn’t get much else done in the morning.

The kids both had good days with F doing a lot of reading, writing a poem about sheep in a play park based on a video of sheep playing on a roundabout, did some school work and watched the Rotten Roman movie for the second time in two days (which happily links into her school work!). B got on with his school work with minimal fuss covering Geography, English and getting a head start on some Art for next week.

D had her 6 month probation meeting for work (which went well), did her Davina exercise video and encouraged B to make a cake – which he did. It was a recipe which used biscuits, milk and baking powder to make the cake – so good if you have no proper ingredients to hand. Then you cover the whole thing in chocolate ganache – so perhaps the base doesn’t matter so much!

I’d mentioned during our virtual choir rehearsal & social on Wednesday that we were finding it hard to keep F occupied with school work. Liz, one of the choir members and a teacher, recently (before the pandemic) set up a business offering online learning for kids (Mrs C Teaches Me), and she offered to do a session with F and they had their first session today and it was a great success. F really enjoyed it and afterwards was all smiles and chat about it – it was really nice to see her enjoying herself. You can find resources from Liz / Mrs C on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook – especially lots of KS1 resources if you have young children.

F finished the day with more reading “Three pickled herrings” by Sally Gardner (reading it well after she was meant to be asleep).

After a trip to the supermarket, and then a glass of wine this evening I’m completely exhausted and glad its Saturday tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay strong.

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