April 5th 2020

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Had a proper lie in this morning for the first time in weeks. I didn’t wake until after 10am! The kids both slept in as well so D had a couple of hours to herself in the morning.

After we got up, F claimed I’d said I’d make pancakes for breakfast, and although I didn’t remember saying that it seemed like a good idea, so I went ahead and made them.

Then F really surprised us by suggesting we all went for a walk – lockdown must be really getting to her. She wanted to ride her bike, so we walked towards Warwick as far as the ponds on the edge of St Nicholas park and back again. D took some nice pictures of flowers while we were out.

It was a lovely day and really nice to stretch our legs. Unfortunately F had a bit of a meltdown when we said she couldn’t watch TV when we got back. It was quite a tantrum, but eventually passed and then we had lunch.

After lunch I went out into the garden to work on the leylandii hedge again and made some good progress, but by the time I was done I was absolutely exhausted.

B spent the afternoon doing a tutorial on building computer games using a game engine called Unity, and F asked if he would write her a computer game for her birthday – very sweet.

D spoke to her sister & family by zoom, and then a couple of old Uni friends and their kids (with B and F as well) – I joined in a bit, but started to make tea at the same time.

After tea (potato dauphinoise as a treat) the kids watched some TV then I read to them (Wings by Terry Pratchett is our current bedtime story) and said goodnight.

I made some bolognese to go in the freezer, and then collapsed on the sofa with a glass of red. D and I watched TV for a bit, but by 9:45 I was already falling asleep – so thought I’d write this and call it a night.

Stay safe, stay strong.

2 thoughts on “April 5th 2020

  1. Chris Rusbridge

    Owen, I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading this. It’s an excellent exercise, and it’s really good to see how others are coping. What’s more, I am in awe at the range of things you’re actually getting done! I’m afraid my days are a bit of a mishmash of twitter fascination (rabbit in the headlamps stuff, really), a bit of photography social media, plus our daily exercise. We’re lucky to live on the edge of town so we can go out on the footpaths for 5 or 6 miles and hardly see anyone.

    The one constructive thing I’ve been doing is writing a resource post for Talk Photography on Film Scanners. I’ve been fiddling with it for ages, trying to ensure it’s accurate, well enough illustrated, readable etc. Now I think it’s about time to let the darn thing out of its cage and see what other folk think!

    Do keep doing what you’re doing, and stay safe!

  2. Thanks Chris – glad you are enjoying it. I probably give the impression of getting more done than I actually am – weekends have been productive but the working week is a bit of a slog (although I’m grateful to be working). I’m jealous of you being able to walk out into proper countryside so quickly – we’ve ended up trying to avoid people in parks mainly. Stay safe too, and that you get the piece of film scanners out there for people to read 🙂

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