26th August 2020


After a couple of days of feeling a bit off, woke this morning with a sort throat, headache and sore eyes – which could be a cold or could be hay fever, but either way feels like something that’s been building for a couple of days and might explain why I’ve felt lacking in energy.

D was also feeling a bit lethargic today (although she was up early to speak to her Dad – still in India – and for the Sainsburys’ delivery).

B spent some more time playing with the Turing Tumble today, but F seemed pretty bored – she got up later and then didn’t really seem to settle anything all day. I think she’ll be very glad to be back at school next week.

Weather was much better today and we even managed to eat lunch outside, but apart from that was just glad to get through the day, and I stopped work a bit early because by 4pm I was exhausted. After D finished work we watched some trashy TV and in the evening we had a quiz with Ds family this evening (the first time for a few weeks) – it was good to see everyone.

Stay safe, stay strong.