11th August 2020

  • Feeling: Exhausted but in a good way
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  • Watching: Fort Salem

Weather today could hardly have been more different to yesterday – hot, with bright sunshine throughout the day. We’d already decided to get going reasonably early to do the Four Falls Trail from Cwm Porth – our original idea was to avoid rain forecast later in the day, and although in the end we didn’t need to worry about that, we were glad we’d gone early because it got pretty busy (and the car park was full) later on.

The walk was lovely, although challenging in places as we had to descend to the second, third and fourth falls and then climb back up – which was pretty tough going.

The second and third falls were the biggest success, with F even able to go for a bit of a dip in the river between them, but overall a really lovely walk

The last waterfall was a bit of a disappointment only because it was a very steep descent (and of course climb afterwards) but it was far too busy when we got down there to take any pleasure in it – and we pretty much just turned around and went straight back up to Fs frustration and disappointment.

We took several hours to do the walk even though it’s only about 5 miles and stopped for lunch on the way – except I forgot to pack a sandwich for D which I still feel extremely guilty about.

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Once we’d finished the walk we went and got ice creams, and then went to pick up some more groceries – and noting that no-one in the shop was wearing a facemask except me and the staff I checked the guidelines for Wales and realised that it’s not a requirement in shops in Wales – which explains why so few people wear them!

We got back to the cottage quite tired and I’m feeling tired still now so better get some sleep. Tomorrow would have been Dad’s birthday and we’re meeting up with E and family at Duffryn Gardens.

Stay safe, stay strong x