9th August 2020

  • Feeling: Happy and tired
  • Listening to:¬†Nothing today
  • Watching:¬†Cursed

We walked to Henrhyd Falls today (tallest waterfall in South Wales and used as a location in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises). The falls themselves are only about 15 minutes walk from the cottage we are renting, so once we’d admired them, and clambered behind them (to F’s delight) we walked along the river down the valley and back along the road to the cottage in a circular walk of about 4 miles (which tested F’s patience a little – probably as well we didn’t go any further).

The falls and the walk were beautiful, the weather was perfect, and exactly the kind of thing I was hoping we’d be able to do. The falls themselves were pretty busy, and on the walk we passed (or were passed by) quite a few groups doing a similar walk to us. Almost everyone was thoughtful and sensible waiting for people to pass and making sure there was plenty of space.

We’d taken snacks with us and enough for the kids to have some lunch, but for the rest of us we had a late lunch when we got back to the cottage around 2pm.

In the afternoon I fell asleep for about an hour, and so the afternoon went quite quickly and D cooked fish pie for tea which we ate outside.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the National Botanic Garden of Wales, and hoping the weather is OK.

Stay safe, stay strong.