20th August 2020

  • Feeling: OK
  • Listening to: Texas
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Been a bit up and down so far this week so far. Today was a little down again – just feeling a bit lacking in direction and energy. I guess just being back at work and trying to get back into the routine of things.

As we start to look to the start of school in September it seems a lot of things are trying to “return to normal”. The music studio where F has drumming and keyboard lessons, and I have singing lessons, is opening up and asking if we want to go back in for face-to-face lessons. The Explore centre where B & F have maths and english sessions is re-opening and are asking if we want to start attending or to carry on with the online sessions. The kids art class will start again in September – again face-to-face.

For much of the last months we’ve kept ourselves pretty isolated – perhaps aside from when F went to school just before the summer break. We’re now faced with this changing quite rapidly – kids back a school, other activities resuming, D back in work more. It feels like lots of decisions to be made at once which I’m finding a little stressful.

Trying to take a sensible view of the risk – I suspect that all these activities individually are relatively low risk – but combining them together will increase the risk. And today its been reported that Birmingham has seen an increase in cases and might be facing a local lockdown – emphasising that things aren’t really “back to normal” however much we’d like them to be.

Stay safe, stay strong