15th August 2020

  • Feeling: Tired but happy
  • Listening to: Songs from the Musicals
  • WatchingProject Power

Got up early (before 7am) to have time to pack and tidy the cottage before checkout at 9am. We headed off at 9, sad to say goodbye to the cottage that’s been home for the past week.

We decided to detour to Tintern on the way home (although we almost changed our minds because of the rain) and were glad we did, although we skipped the Abbey to stop at the “Old Station” which served us coffee/hot chocolates and cakes, and we spent 20 minutes or so having a wander around and admiring the wooden, chainsaw carved, statues in the “Circle of Legends“.

We then headed back to Cheltenham to take Mum home and have lunch. I’d agreed to help with a few issues (mainly computer-based) Mum was having – although ultimately with mixed success, I was trying to shut down old emails and various linked accounts that were Dad’s.

When I’d done all I could (for today at least) we headed home via Big Yellow Storage in Cheltenham where I had to recover a padlock from a storage locker door so I can close down my account with them (we used them to store furniture to fit Dad’s hospital bed into the house back in December). The storage facility itself seemed deserted and the staffed reception area was the only place I interacted with others – and that all at a 2m or more distance with masks and plastic screens – probably the most thorough setup I’ve seen in a place of business in terms of distancing and barriers.

We finally got home around 6pm, having diverted to get some fish and chips from The Chip Shed in Warwick after seeing recommendations on a Warwick Facebook group. Fish was good but I wasn’t so bothered about the chips.

We got home to find the garden blooming (thanks to D).

Stay safe, stay strong