24th August 2020

  • Feeling: Slightly under the weather
  • Listening to: Nothing today
  • Watching: Cursed

Not felt 100% today – just a bit drained and a headache on and off through the day. Week days seem very “samey” right now and when I sit down to write a blog post in the evening I’m left feeling I’ve not done much and I don’t really know what anyone else has been doing 🙁 In just over a week the kids will be back at school, which will be a big change I guess – I’m expecting to miss them once they are not in the house all day.

F was persuaded by D to find some non-computer things to do today – so she did some lovely colouring and painting this morning and planned out some activities for the rest of the week – tomorrow is a “reading day” and she’s going to try The Book of Three and Cogheart.

B was doing some more animation/special effects in the morning, but in the afternoon inspired by a Matt Parker video about a game called Dr Nim he decided to try to recreate the game using our Turing Tumble (a marble powered computer). He roped F into this as well and they tried to work it out together although so far without success.

Meanwhile in the garden D continues to have success with flowers.


Stay safe, stay strong