28th August 2020


During Fs session with Mrs C (Liz) last week they planned an experiment that F could do to create a line graph. The experiment was to heat different liquids and see how quickly they evapourated over time. F had a whole list of substances she wanted to try and had planned out the whole thing – but not actually done the experiment. So this morning when I woke (late – about 9am) I was informed we had to get the experiment done before her session with Liz today at 10am. So I spent the first hour of my day (before breakfast or coffee) boiling water, milk and vinegar (I drew the line there although F also wanted to do apple juice, tea and ketchup).

Despite having the smell of vinegar in my nose for the rest of the morning, it all went surprisingly well, and F did a nice chart for her session, and talked about the shortcomings of the experiment design. I even think we were able to make a reasonable observation that the vinegar evaporated more slowly than water – which I think will be true because acetic acid has a higher boiling point than water (although I’m prepared to admit that this could have just been flaws in the experiment.)

I’ve not really been myself this week. I felt a bit better today, and not like just going back to sleep, but still not really feeling great. I even managed to do a bit of work, although in the afternoon I was hampered by computer problems which meant I got next to nothing done 🙁

Tomorrow we’re booked to go Upton House in the morning which should be a nice change of pace – hopefully it will have stopped raining by then!

Stay safe, stay strong