24th August 2020

  • Feeling: Slightly under the weather
  • Listening to: Nothing today
  • Watching: Cursed

Not felt 100% today – just a bit drained and a headache on and off through the day. Week days seem very “samey” right now and when I sit down to write a blog post in the evening I’m left feeling I’ve not done much and I don’t really know what anyone else has been doing 🙁 In just over a week the kids will be back at school, which will be a big change I guess – I’m expecting to miss them once they are not in the house all day.

F was persuaded by D to find some non-computer things to do today – so she did some lovely colouring and painting this morning and planned out some activities for the rest of the week – tomorrow is a “reading day” and she’s going to try The Book of Three and Cogheart.

B was doing some more animation/special effects in the morning, but in the afternoon inspired by a Matt Parker video about a game called Dr Nim he decided to try to recreate the game using our Turing Tumble (a marble powered computer). He roped F into this as well and they tried to work it out together although so far without success.

Meanwhile in the garden D continues to have success with flowers.


Stay safe, stay strong

2 thoughts on “24th August 2020

  1. Brenda Lane

    Things are looking up as I gain strength following that spell in hospital with spinal fractures, the result of osteoporosis. I am about to do my daily walking round the garden using a walking aid. Very bent but quite speedy, down through rose arch, round tall Monkey Puzzle, back and around house, past wheelie bins to front gate, back to examine the state of ripening figs, then past bay windows and greenhouse to conservatory. Worn out and ready for a cup of tea!

  2. Really glad you are able to get around the garden again – must feel good to be able to do that even though tiring! I’m slowly digging up more lawn and thinking about what interesting plants we can put there instead. A rose arch or something similar would be really nice I think!

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