1st July 2020

  • Feeling:¬†OK
  • Listening to:¬†Crossing the bar
  • Watching: Nothing really

Almost forgot to write this today and it’s late so will keep it short.

F’s ankle was still sore this morning, but she was keen to go to school and she was able to put some weight on it, so we thought it would be ok (as she pointed at – she has to sit at her desk all day anyway). After school she hobbled home with D until it started raining heavily – and then suddenly she was able to move a lot more quickly!

B did a nice collage for his school art lesson and cooked tea (chicken quesadilla) for his FT homework.

I had a slow start to the day, and didn’t get a huge amount done in the morning, but worked hard in the afternoon. In the evening I had choir which was good fun as always.

Falling asleep as I write this, so going to stop now

Stay safe, stay strong