30th July 2020

  • Feeling: OK but tired
  • Listening to: Tom Jones
  • Watching: Vagrant Queens

Been absolutely tired out today – it felt more like a Friday than a Thursday. As a result I’ve not got a huge amount done, and left myself with a pile of work to get through tomorrow.

After getting up (late) I went straight into a meeting at 9am (no breakfast or coffee, although D had made me tea) with a review of an online course I helped facilitate. It was a good meeting, but by the time it was done I was ready for breakfast.

D was in college in the morning, and by the time she was back it was time for lunch – we ate outside (on the deck – natch!) but it was baking hot and none of us wanted to be out there for long – still waiting for some fixings for the awning (which arrived a week ago). I chased up the supplier (for the third time) but wondering about just ordering some stuff from Screwfix so I can get the awning up.

After lunch F watched the Jumanji reboot (“Welcome to the jungle”) and I had a nap. I did some work in the afternoon and then some more this evening, but I really haven’t been that productive today.

B and F spoke to their US cousins around tea time (spaghetti bolognese) and then TV and bed.

Holiday feels really close now – just one day and hopefully I can put work away for 2 weeks!