9th July 2020

  • Feeling: A bit frustrated and down
  • Listening to:¬†Happy music
  • Watching:¬†Free Solo

Bit of a frustrating day work-wise – I had a problem which I broke, partially solved, then broke again in new and different ways until I no longer could remember how I’d partially solved it in the first place – leaving me having done a load of work with nothing to show for it – that’s code for you sometimes.

Also wasn’t feeling 100% – my eyes have been bothering me since last night and my voice was quite croaky all day – so either a cold or allergies.

After successfully completing (at last) the Discworld jigsaw D decided to order some more and we got 3 in the post this morning.

After tea we all did the 500 piece Scientist jigsaw together – it was a bit of a mixed experience (F wanted to be in charge and would get annoyed if we worked on bits she hadn’t approved) but we got it done in about an hour (maybe just over).

It was great to do it together, but unfortunately when it was done it was too late for evening TV and this set F off. Her teacher had told D that F had seemed tired during the day and it was obvious in the evening that she was tired out – and saying it was too late for TV was the last straw for her and we had half an hour of crying and shouting, leaving me (and her) exhausted. Hopefully a good nights sleep and having the day off school tomorrow will help balance her out again.

Hoping that I’m feeling more balanced out tomorrow as well. D and I have decided to take the first two weeks of August off work and it can’t come soon enough – I’ve not had a break since Christmas and really feeling it now (we originally were meant to have a week off at Easter but once we couldn’t go away I just worked through that). It would be great to go away but we’re not altogether sure about that yet (and would be a pain to book something and find a local lockdown stopped us going). I’m still hopeful we might get away somehow.

Stay safe, stay strong