29th July 2020

  • Feeling: Down and then Up
  • Listening to: Nothing today 
  • Watching: Bake off: The Professionals (the final)

It’s been a bit of an up and down 24 hours. Yesterday evening we got an email saying our holiday cottage had been cancelled. I just felt so down. I immediately looked for other potential rentals but finding nothing appropriate (unsurprising with only 10 days to go before we want to go away) I went to bed, and woke this morning, just feeling crap (although thanks to recommendation from N we watched the first episode of Fort Salem yesterday which was a welcome distraction and looks like it’s going to be good.)

The day itself was mainly work – I’d foolishly agreed to meetings at 8am and 5:30pm as well as several meetings both planned and unplanned during the day – altogether quite stressful although not giving much time to dwell on the holiday situation. We did, however, have to tell the kids about not being able to go, which was another big disappointment for them – and especially B seemed to be upset by it. F was upset but also bounced back very quickly suggesting things we could do in the house to make it seem like a holiday.

Then, just as I was adjusting to the idea of not being able to go away for our vacation, at about 5:30 this evening (just before my last meeting of the day) I found an alternative property that looks great, and while slightly further south west than we’d planned, still broadly in the area of Wales we wanted – I immediately booked it and got a confirmation. I’m so happy and relieved (and desperately hoping that nothing goes wrong this time – B did say we shouldn’t have told them we’d booked something in case something goes wrong).

So now feeling positive again, although slightly bruised by the whole thing. Just two more work days until two weeks off – the first week at home (planning to finish around the edge of the deck and put a gravel path across our front garden) and then a week in Wales (fingers-crossed).