28th July 2020

  • Feeling: Fed up
  • Listening to: Lily Allen (again)
  • Watching: Fort Salem

Had some disappointing news this evening, and not really feeling up to writing much as a result. Suddenly something we were looking forward to is gone (again). In the big scheme of thing it’s just a minor set back, but I’m a bit fed up with these small disappointments now 🙁

Aside from that a reasonably typical day. Work for me and D, B doing stuff on his computer, F listening to music. In the afternoon F watched The Personal History of David Copperfield – we watched this in Stratford-upon-Avon when it came out and all loved it – F has been asking for us to buy it for a while (even before it was available) and today seemed like a good time so she was very happy watching that.

Going to sleep now and hoping things feel a bit less crappy in the morning