24th July 2020

  • Feeling: Demotivated/Deflated
  • Listening to: Nothing today 
  • Watching: QI

Found it hard to get motivated today and ended the day feeling a bit deflated. But just a week to go until we’re on holiday 🙂

Had a big bag of gravel and some trellis pieces delivered this morning. The plan for the gravel is to go around the edge of the deck and to lay a new gravel path at the front of the house. The trellis is for one of the roses (a buff beauty) we planted last year which needs some support.

At lunchtime I went to pick up some books from Warwick Books – really good to see Mog and Pauline there, and I came home with a bumper haul of books. One of the books was a “quiz master” book for F, and she spent some of the afternoon quizzing us (mainly exposing our areas of ignorance, although occasionally letting one of us shine with our knowledge – still wondering how on earth B knew that Gordon Sumner was Sting’s real name).

This afternoon I had my head down for work calls while D took the kids to the park for a bit. Kids prepared a family quiz for Sunday then watched a film (Animal Crackers).

Tomorrow we have a proper day out planned with two National Trust properties on the list – first Charlecote Park which is our nearest NT property and a regular destination for us, and then somewhere we’ve only been a couple of times before, although it’s not that far away, Hidecote – which is an arts and crafts-inspired garden and very beautiful.