23rd July 2020

  • Feeling: Tired
  • Listening to: Nothing today 
  • Watching: Stumptown

Been just really tired all day – woke up tired, had to have a nap at lunch time and tired again this evening – just tired!

Apart from that work and more work today – a call taking up the majority of the morning, and working through issues all afternoon. D was in college this morning and had a long call with her colleagues this afternoon so she was also deep in work all day.

The kids did a pretty good job of keeping themselves busy. B is still deep into special effects and computer modelling – he’s been trying to learn how to motion track facial features today. D and I encouraged him to try to have a plan for some kind of outcome from what he’s doing rather than just learning for the sake of it – but he seems happy to just work on doing something all day and doesn’t seem to feel the need to have some bigger motivation than just learning how to do something – which is fair enough.

B has started his “read a pile of books as high as myself” project and has done a life-size outline of himself to record his progress – this was up to yesterday:

F really liked the idea of having a lifesize drawing of herself and after a few false starts she completed the drawing today – of herself wearing headphones (because she likes music), wearing a waistcoat (because that’s her favourite outfit), on a skateboard and eating a tuna melt.

In the afternoon B and F worked on a screenplay, and although it was rather a difficult experience for me listening to the process, they did work on it together for quite some time without any serious fallings out – which is impressive and unusual. I did have to tell B a few times he should speak to F in a nicer way, but F told me “if I can deal with it, you don’t have to get upset” – she doesn’t need me to fight her battles for her!

Take away pizza for tea (Basement Brown’s for the kids, Red Hot Mamma for me and D). And now time to sleep I think.

Stay safe, stay strong