17th July 2020

  • Feeling:┬áTired out, glad it’s Friday
  • Listening to:┬áHamilton soundtrack
  • Watching: QI

Woke early this morning (between 5 and 5:30) and went downstairs to listen to a podcast without disturbing D and to try to get back to sleep. Dozed off on the sofa after a while and woke up again when D came down around 8am.

Spent the rest of the day feeling tired out, and fell asleep for a bit during the afternoon. Luckily my usual Friday meetings had been cancelled so I was able to take it easy work-wise, but I felt a bit guilty by the end of the day that I hadn’t been more productive.

We realised yesterday that B had never had the chance to bring his PE kit home from school, and so got in touch with the school who said we could pick it up today. I drove B over and he went to pick up the kit from his locker – he was a bit surprised to see the school busier than he expected and also he saw some of the measures they’d put in place (distance markers in corridors) and what they hadn’t (he said there didn’t seem to be a one-way system in place for the main corridors).

F had her lesson with Liz and shared a slidedeck she’d done on her recent school topic – and then afterwards was inspired to re-write every slide as a poem – which I thought was great.

That’s it for school for both B and F until September, although F has said she’d like to keep having the sessions with Liz if possible and they both have their Explore sessions which I think we’ll keep doing online even though the centre at Sainsbury is going to re-open now.

This evening I put an extension on the garden hose so we can keep it off the deck (unfortunately the outdoor tap is where I’ve put the deck, and leaks when you use the hose – which won’t be great for the wooden deck unless I can find a way to catch the drips! I also started just sanding down places on the deck where the drill or screws created some splinters – more to do on that tomorrow, along with fitting the side boards and then applying some stain before declaring the decking finished!

Stay safe, stay strong