7th July 2020

  • Feeling:¬†OK but a bit out of sorts
  • Listening to:¬†Nothing today
  • Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Woke up first this morning (not like me), made tea and did a bit of work before taking F to school, and only got round to breakfast once I’d done that.

Was pretty focussed during the morning, although I was struggling with some of the work I had to do it was because the work was hard rather than me being distracted. D went into college for an hour and I’d planned to go into Warwick to run some errands – but she was back just before lunch and I’d still not managed to get that done. I grabbed lunch very quickly and managed to get to Warwick to drop something at the Post Office and pick up some tea from The Golden Monkey (we were running low on Irish Breakfast and it would be a disaster to run out!) before a meeting at 2pm.

I wore a face-covering out for the first time – generally I’ve been in big open spaces when I’ve gone out of the house, but I was aware I might have to queue in the Post Office, and the staff in the tea shop were wearing masks last time I went. I saw other people wearing masks but they weren’t in the majority.

I had a short break from work when F got home from school and watched the start of Frozen 2 with her and B, but then had another call before I finally stopped for the day. Cooked spaghetti and meatballs for tea (this recipe from Nigella which I think is pretty good).

F was in a slightly better mood today although she was still a bit grumpy about doing her 11+ tutoring session this evening – I think it just is difficult at 6:45pm for her to feel motivated to do more school work.

I’m ready the kids Orion Lost at bedtime – an adventure set on a damaged spaceship aimed at kids/young adults. I’m really enjoying reading it to them and its nice to be able to read some science fiction (with a good helping of mystery) to them rather than fantasy (there seems to be a lot more fantasy than science fiction in the kids book market).

Weather is a bit miserable at the moment – but the kids have promised to make me a special breakfast to eat on the deck – once I’ve finished the deck – so some motivation to get this done before Sunday morning!

Stay safe, stay strong