27th July 2020

  • Feeling: OK
  • Listening to: Lily Allen
  • Watching: Cursed

Woke up first this morning (maybe about the same time as B) and made tea (D is almost always up first and makes me tea pretty much every day, so high time I returned the favour).

F stayed in bed the longest, listening to her latest audiobook (Point Blanc, the second book in the Alex Rider series) and then The Unbelievable Truth. D and I were both working by the time F came down, and B was to build a “non-euclidean 3d environment” (no – me neither) on his computer.

F wrote a new poem for her web page – presented here with some spelling corrections from me:

The change of views
You know you can't choose
Which way our species will go
Hoping that our minds will grow
To understand Why

The rest of the day was work for me and D, with B doing various projects on his computer and F happily listening to music and then watching Mary Poppins.

Both D and I are already counting down to our time off next week!, and thanks to a new outdoor table being delivered this afternoon, and some lucky timing, we got an early taste of holiday eating our (orange themed for some reason) tea out on the deck – just before it tipped it down with rain.

Stay safe, stay strong!