1st June 2020

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  • Watching: Grayson Perry’s Art Club

I’d originally planned to get up to work early this morning – but all my various alarms came and went as I repeatedly hit snooze and I finally got up at 8am (when D got back from her run).

It was back to school for the kids today, and they seemed OK with that. B got to mark a maths exam he did before the holiday and got an impressive 98% (and I really need to work on my tendency to make “and what did you get wrong?” my first question in these situations!). F did some of her school work and some creative writing (a new, slightly disturbing, poem about fire).

In the afternoon they had a virtual art class scheduled, but F opted out and played in the garden before her online tutoring session from Explore Learning. B was a bit stressed because he didn’t finish all the schoolwork he was set today – but on the otherhand he has done some amazing work adding special effects to a short video clip of his cousin using some software called Blender – it’s pretty impressive what he can do on an old computer with some free software!

D and I have been talking about how we feel about the possible return to school for F later this month. We’re both pretty apprehensive about it and I’m struggling between a feeling that schools should be delaying opening until the track and trace and testing processes being put in place actually work, and the knowledge that some degree of risk is inevitable and we have to adjust our mindset to that.

Work was pretty full on for me today (although a deadline I thought was the end of this week, is actually the end of next week – so that’s a relief!)

D made me a grilled cheese sandwich (gruyere + pickles) for tea – it was very nice.

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Grilled cheese sandwiches for tea

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Stay safe, stay strong, have a grilled cheese x