16th June 2020

  • Feeling:¬† tired but ok
  • Listening to:¬†Nothing today
  • Watching: Stumptown

I had good intentions of getting up early this morning and doing some work before everyone else was awake. Unfortunately I woke about 4am and at the same time F woke up and got into our bed. It was quite stuffy and I think that’s why I woke so I opened the window, but then the sound of water dripping on a roof kept me awake, plus having an extra body in the bed made it a bit crowded – so I ended up sleeping on the sofa instead. Unsuprisingly I wasn’t interested in getting up when my alarm went off, and I didn’t get up until D made tea.

I spent the rest of the day feeling pretty sleepy and F also seemed quite tired – we’re hoping that she manages to sleep well tonight in advance of her first day back at school tomorrow.

D went into work this morning – first time since March 16th! Of course it was nothing like going into work normally since it was really just her and a skeleton staff on the site. She was just there for a couple of hours and home again for lunch.

We had several powercuts today caused by our breaker tripping – but we aren’t quite sure of the cause. The trips didn’t seem to be linked to anything we were doing in the house (no particular surges in power use as far as we know) and I’m hoping it was just some external power surges and we just have a particularly sensitive breaker switch. I guess if this carries on we’ll need to get an electrician out.

The powercuts were quite frustrating as each time the power went down we lost wifi of course, and because I’m working on a desktop at the moment my computer rebooted each time – it made it difficult to get on with stuff and interrupted calls during the day.

Spoke to Mum this evening and made tentative plans to visit her at the weekend – as long as the weather is good so we can have a nice socially distanced visit – planning a walk and a picnic.

Tomorrow we’ll have all the excitement of F going to school – so I’d better get some sleep!

Stay safe, stay strong