10th June 2020

  • Feeling: all worked out
  • Listening to: The Magnetic Fields
  • Watching: The Great British Sewing Bee

Woke around 7am and dozed dreaming that D was making me a cup of tea. Actually woke up properly about 8am to find that she had, and it had gone cold while I slept!

We had a Sainsbury delivery this morning (we’ve been able to get delivery slots regularly over the last few weeks) and a very cheery and chatty delivery man.

I’ve had my head down in work for most of the day – we’ve got a software release due at the end of this week, so things are a bit busy as I do testing and document any issues.

Ds work has been all about the electronic resources for the past few weeks, and continues to be of course, but they are currently working to make it possible for people to return books to the library from next week. Next week D will be going into work a couple of times to sort out any returns – which will be a bit different for us and her. I guess all signs that we are no longer in full lockdown, but at the same time things are not close to normal.

Both F and B got baking today. B made sourdough pizza dough which is now maturing in the fridge while F baked some ginger biscuits with help from D.

F also worked on building a photo album of “happy things” which she can look at when she gets sad or angry (entirely her own idea, but its really good to see her trying to solve problems in this way).

I had choir this evening but continued to be distracted by work, so although it was good to see and chat to people, my mind was really elsewhere. Just been work and work and work today.

Stay safe, stay strong