9th June 2020

  • Feeling:┬áMore focussed
  • Listening to:┬áThe Magnetic Fields
  • Watching: Giri/Haji

Woke early (around 6am). Dozed for a bit and eventually got up and made tea for me and D and sat in bed and drank my tea while D went out for a run. F woke early-ish as well and came and quizzed me on the animal kingdom before we both got up.

I started work early (around 8) and felt I had a really productive day (although I also got a bit caught up in a couple of challenges and carried on working into the evening (and I’ve just finished doing a bit more work now).

F seemed to have a very cheerful day. She got to have the bath she was so cruelly denied last night and got on with school work and her 11+ tutoring in the evening.

B has just had his head down getting on with things. I think he’s so self-reliant and not really given to complaining I don’t always pay attention to how the lockdown and isolation has been tough for him – D was pointing this out to me earlier – although he gets on with all his school work, he does find being tied to the laptop at the kitchen table for the majority of the day quite tough.

We’ve not had an update from Fs school yet, but it seems more and more likely that neither B nor F will be physically back in school before the summer.

After success with pizza last week B decided he wanted to cook pizza for tea again – and we aren’t going to say “no” to that – so tonight I helped B get some sourdough starter going and tomorrow we’ll get some dough made up (the recipe from Rosehill Sourdough recommends letting the dough rest in the fridge for 3 days to get the best results!)

Excitingly we had the first strawberry of the year from the garden today – which B and F shared.

I did some planning for my decking project as well – now I just need to find the courage to bite the bullet and order the timber and other materials so I can actually make a start. I’m a bit intimidated, but the idea that we could eat out on a deck over the rest of the summer is a definite motivator.

Stay safe, stay strong.