25th June 2020

  • Feeling:¬† Hot
  • Listening to:¬†Nothing today
  • Watching:¬†Stumptown

Another hot day. I woke up early feeling OK and glad to be awake before it got too hot. The forecast for tomorrow is “thundery showers” and I’ve been a bit worried that the decking timber would get wet through before the weekend. At the same time F had been begging for a fan because of the heat – so I decided to do a quick order from Screwfix of a tarpaulin and a fan and went to collect it before taking F to school.

Picking up from Screwfix was well organised – people kept separated, order numbers for collection taken before you enter the store, and some protective screens in place at the counters.

D was in work for a couple of hours again today. B and I drove to pick her up and popped into Warwick Books to collect some books that had come in for us. The book shop has pick up from the door only for the moment – again all well thought out and effective. I think good for all of us to go out and although the roads were busy the town centre was very quiet.

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Bee meets dog rose

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Decided to get pizza from Red Hot Mamma for tea as a treat and worked with B on transferring some of his animation/special effects work over to a different computer to speed up some of the processing.

Hope the thunder comes with some slightly cooler weather, but that it’s not too wet to get started on the decking this weekend!

Stay safe, stay strong.