12th June 2020

  • Feeling: unsettled
  • Listening to: Nothing really
  • Watching: QI

Its been a hard week. Work has been constant for me, I’ve been tired and not really found the time for D, F and B like I should. F has found the last few days difficult and was worrying about me today.

Today we got notification that Fs school will be opening to her year group next week. This was rather unexpected and has left me a bit unsettled – I still feel rather wary about the rate at which various lockdown measures are being eased, and very unsure that having kids back into school is a good idea. On the other hand it might be good for F – and of course the kids have to go back to school at some point – maybe its better for that to happen for a short period now rather than wait until September. I really don’t know.

We haven’t talked to F about this yet but will need to before Monday – and I think she’ll be very eager to go back – although the reality of it might be a shock I guess.

I’m trying to look forward to the weekend and hope to do some work clearing the area where I’m planning to put the decking and actually ordering the materials to start work. We are also all looking forward to watching the new Artemis Fowl movie on Disney+ over the weekend (although the reviews aren’t great!)

I should say F had a really nice session with Liz this morning and she was laughing and chatting away – I love seeing her like that.

B cooked pizza for tea – perhaps not quite as successful as his last attempt (he tried, at my suggestion, a sourdough pizza recipe and I don’t think it was as successful).

Anyway, for tonight I’ve eaten too much chocolate and now I’ve poured myself a glass of brandy. Hopefully I’ll sleep well and tomorrow will be able to approach things with a clearer and less stressed mindset.

Stay safe, stay strong everyone x