18th June 2020

  • Feeling:  OK
  • Listening to: Nothing today
  • Watching: Giri / Haji

Been tired today and although I think I worked hard, I don’t feel I got a huge amount done 🙁

F was in school again, and D was at work for a couple of hours. B had a piano lesson in the morning but despite that managed to finish all his school work by lunchtime.

B has started working on some Project Euler problems (basically a list of mathematical problems you solve by writing computer programmes) and has been enjoying the challenge.

Water butt update – pretty much both water butts are now full – that’s 400 litres of water collected since the weekend! I’m starting to feel I should have gone for a bigger butt (!). But actually tempted to order more to collect water off the front of the house – seems terrible to me now that we’ve just been letting all this water go to waste!

We had pre-prepared pizza & garlic bread for tea – nowhere close to a homemade one in terms of taste but sometimes it feels like a treat to have a “lazy tea”.

I should sleep now, otherwise I’m going to feel tired again tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay strong.