15th June 2020

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Monday again – felt quite tired today and apart from various work calls (which, to be fair, did eat up most of the day) I don’t feel I was very productive – which is a bit frustrating.

Adding to the frustration I spent the majority of the evening working out what materials I need for the decking project, created the order on a builders merchant only to have the transaction declined as possible fraud (my bank obviously sceptical I’d suddenly spend money on DIY materials!) and lost the whole order. Eventually I got everything ordered again and now its all on order and hopefully I’ll be taking delivery in a couple of weeks.

I did two bakes today – some sourdough in the morning (which we ate for lunch) and then some baguettes this evening.

After lunch F and B had their online Art. F struggles so much with this – she reminds me so much of myself when it comes to drawing – she gets so upset when she can’t draw what she sees in front of her. I was really proud of her this afternoon because she kept going (with a little persuasion and support from me and D), even though she was finding it really difficult.

Since Friday when F’s school let us know they were opening to year 4 this week, D and I have been talking about her going back to school – thinking about the pros and cons and trying to decide if we feel it makes sense for her to go into school. Although we have some concerns and aren’t completely sure its the right thing, while new cases and deaths are still going down, and without any cases at the school, it seems like the right thing for her to go back for now – and we can always decide to change our minds if the situation changes.

We talked to the school today which we found reassuring, and we talked to F and she is really pleased to be going back and can’t wait to see her teacher. With F going to school on Wednesday and D going into work tomorrow (just for a few hours and it won’t be at all like her usual work) there’s a lot of change this week.

Feel like I’ve not really spent much time with B today. He was struggling with his Spanish this morning and was a bit frustrated. I think F going back to school is likely to make him feel a bit down as well (although he may enjoy a bit of time with me to himself when F is in school and D at work on Thursday morning).

It’s been raining this evening and our new water butts have been doing their job – the first butt is already a quarter full and its still raining!

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Second bake of the day

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Stay safe, stay strong.