10th July 2020

  • Feeling: TGIF
  • Listening to: Apple Essential “Sing-a-long” mix
  • Watching: Old Guard

Not sure I’ve been incredibly productive today – I have done stuff, and attended meetings, but really I’ve been looking forward to the weekend all day.

F was at home today as the school is currently closed for a deep-clean on a Friday (none of the communications we’ve had regarding school in September have mentioned this continuing). She had a good session with Liz (as always) and also her tuition from Explore and drum lesson later in the day and also managed to fit in watching Deathly Hallows pt 2.

B had his school work all done by 10:30 and I think was at a bit of a loose end the rest of the day – he downloaded some new visual effects software (Fusion Da Vinci Resolve) and played around with that and seemed happy.

D picked a whole load of raspberries from the garden this afternoon and so I made some jam this evening while the kids watched TV.

We had a Friday treat of pizza from Red Hot Mamma – and as a double treat ate it in front of the TV. After that I split some paving stones up ready to add the final supports to the decking frame tomorrow and then hopefully I’ll be on the final stretch and if we’re lucky we might even be able to sit on the deck by the end of the weekend!

Stay safe, stay strong.

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