19th July 2020

  • Feeling: Down
  • Listening to: Nothing today
  • WatchingBloodshot

Feeling a bit down this evening.

Woke at a reasonable time and had breakfast outside (on the deck!) but then didn’t seem to really do anything in the morning. I’d planned to make some planters from the left over decking timber but only got as far as drawing some sketches to work out dimensions.

The kids were booked in at Mopp heads for haircuts at 2pm, so after lunch we took them into town (all equipped with masks). After the haircuts we walked to The Muse coffee shop (one of our favourites, but we haven’t been since March) and got drinks and cake/ice cream before heading home. It was nice to be out, and the kids both have nice haircuts.

I was feeling out of sorts when we got home, but recorded myself singing for a virtual choir project, while F watched Toy Story 4 and B did stuff on his computer.

I tried to stir myself out of my mood at tea, and succeeded for a while, and D and I watched a crappy film as a distraction. Unfortunately after that we got into a discussion about what we are going to do with our two weeks off. I want to book a cottage and go somewhere, but D isn’t so keen. In the end we agreed to book something, but then the booking process failed and/or the property has already been booked.

I’m now feeling down again, and tired which might be the underlying problem, so I’m going to sleep now.

Stay safe, stay strong.

2 thoughts on “19th July 2020

  1. Brenda Lane

    Ups and downs here as well.I am trying to be a little more mobile and encouraged by a visit from daughter, Charlotte, who arrived full of energy on Sunday, to stay overnight. This would have been our family week away in a house in Norfolk – for 8 and dog. That is postponed for now, so good to have news of C and Cs two boys. They seem to be coping well, Will back to uni in Sept, with online lectures but group tutorials and seminars. Tom who is extremely well organised into virtual open days.

  2. Must be good to see family – we are going to see Mum & my sisters family on Saturday at Hidecote (I’m sure you must know it? – a National Trust property with a beautiful garden) and really looking forward to it. Sad to miss planned holidays – that’s what happened to us at Easter, and hoping that this time it all goes smoothly and no local lockdowns or illness get in the way. Must be very strange to be doing open days “virtually” but I guess we are all having to adapt to doing things online instead of in person – at least for the moment

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