25th July 2020


Woke up not feeling great – tired and aching (both head and my left leg which I’ve had some trouble with over the past few weeks). We had booked tickets for Charlecote Park at 10am, so it was pretty much just getting up, having breakfast, and going straight there.

We had reasonably nice walk around the deer park at Charlecote, and it didn’t rain, but it did feel a bit close and so it wasn’t particularly refreshing. By the time we got back home my headache had got worse, and I was feeling like just slobbing on sofa for the rest of the day. Luckily because we had tickets booked for Hidecot at 2pm and we were meeting up with my mum and E & family I wasn’t able to give into that urge, and instead I took some paracetamol, we had lunch, and then we headed off.

Hidecote and seeing my mum, sister, brother-in-law and nephews and nieces was just what I needed. Even though it rained a bit and was generally quite damp, it really lifted my spirits – and I think that went for all of us. Lovely to see everyone and also to see the kids all chatting & playing.

Hidecote was looking lovely

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Pretty flowers at Hidcote

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Both the National Trust properties were well organised. Charlecote is big open spaces and so no problems with distancing there. Hidecote is a little more restricted and felt more crowded, but the one way system (which isn’t that different to the route you’d typically follow anyway) worked well and for the most part it didn’t feel like you were on top of other people.

We spent about two hours at Hidecote and then headed home. I was feeling much more relaxed, if still a little tired, and watched the first half of Bringing up Baby with the kids while D got dinner ready.

A good day, topped off by the fact that my choir’s latest virtual/lockdown singing project was released this morning. Miss seeing and singing with this lot so much.

Stay safe, stay strong.

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