18th June 2020

  • Feeling:  OK
  • Listening to: Nothing today
  • Watching: Giri / Haji

Been tired today and although I think I worked hard, I don’t feel I got a huge amount done 🙁

F was in school again, and D was at work for a couple of hours. B had a piano lesson in the morning but despite that managed to finish all his school work by lunchtime.

B has started working on some Project Euler problems (basically a list of mathematical problems you solve by writing computer programmes) and has been enjoying the challenge.

Water butt update – pretty much both water butts are now full – that’s 400 litres of water collected since the weekend! I’m starting to feel I should have gone for a bigger butt (!). But actually tempted to order more to collect water off the front of the house – seems terrible to me now that we’ve just been letting all this water go to waste!

We had pre-prepared pizza & garlic bread for tea – nowhere close to a homemade one in terms of taste but sometimes it feels like a treat to have a “lazy tea”.

I should sleep now, otherwise I’m going to feel tired again tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay strong.

2 thoughts on “18th June 2020

  1. Brenda Lane

    Good to hear your news, Owen.
    I am home from a considerable spell in hospital. I have lumbar fractures, most likely osteoporosis but it has been a lengthy process to eliminate secondary cancer from breast cancer successfully treated in 1997! Haven’t the results yet of MRI bone scanning yet but wonderful to be home with minimal care input. Cec and I sleeping at right angles downstairs …. Carol knows our house. Charlotte (56) andSimon (55) in Surrey and Hants but good friends around.
    Charlotte’s younger son L6 back to some sch from Wed next.

  2. Hi Brenda – sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital and glad you are back home. F has really enjoyed being back at school and so far it seems to have been a really positive experience and the school seems well organised. I hope Charlotte’s son finds the same next week.

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