24th June 2020

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It is so hot! Woke this morning not really feeling like I’d slept, and spent the rest of the day complaining about the heat. But of course rain is forecast for the weekend when I could do with some dry weather to get some work done outside.

It’s hard to think about anything but the heat this evening, the air is heavy with it, but its been an good day overall. I had some good work calls (although slightly frustrated that I’ve not got more done today), D went into work briefly to record a video for inductions for students starting in September, and B had his usual school work.

F helped me cook lamb burgers for tea and got experimental adding some cinnamon into the burger mix. Despite her urging me to add more, I was a little too conservative with the spicing for it to come through in the final product – but lamb and cinammon is a classic curry flavour combination so I think it could work – next time!

The government is further easing the lockdown conditions from 4th July and I read the guidelines today – but they make little sense to me – it appears there is a difference between “social distancing” and having “social interactions” but no definition of what that difference is.

I don’t suppose we will be rushing to do any of the things that will be allowed after the weekend. At choir this evening I was talking it through with N and he pointed out that given sensible behaviour the chance of encountering someone with COVID19 is pretty low – which made me feel a bit more comfortable about the risks we are likely to be exposed to.

While I was at choir (always enjoyable) D and the kids were meant to be doing their weekly quiz with cousins, aunts and uncles. F invented a new game for them to play – an online version of “chinese whispers” in which the first person sends a private message to one of the people in the group, they change one letter of the message and send it to the next person and so on – until the final person has to guess what the original message was – apparently it was quite successful!

Going to try and ignore the heat and sleep now.

Stay safe, stay strong.

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