28th June 2020

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Woke up around 8 and got up to make tea and to get some bread going (as D had mentioned I hadn’t baked in a while) – I didn’t manage to get it done for lunchtime in the end but we have a loaf waiting for us tomorrow now.

I was feeling a bit lethargic first thing, and so rather than start on the decking straight away I did some more jigsaw and then F and I sat on the sofa and read to each other.

Eventually I worked up the energy to go and tackle the next stage of the decking project. I’ve reached the stage of the project that I find stressful – measuring and cutting and levelling – and I spent a long time trying to position and level paving stones to support the deck frame – it seemed to take forever and by the end I still wasn’t happy I’d got it completely right. Extra stress when it decided to chuck it down with rain – only for a few minutes in the end, but still a rush to get tools and timber out of the rain.

This is where I’d got to by 4pm. It doesn’t seem a lot of progress for several hours of work, but it’s as far as I can go until I get a delivery of supplies (hopefully Tuesday) – and by 4pm I was tired out!

While I was working on the deck, D took F and B out for a walk (they also got caught in the rain) and the kids prepared a quiz for my side of the family in the afternoon.

D made some more progress with the jigsaw – but C, who has the same puzzle, messaged me earlier to say she’d finished it, winning our informal competition to see who would complete the puzzle first. We’ve still got a way to go!

Stay safe, stay strong.

One thought on “28th June 2020

  1. Brenda Lane

    Looks as though all your efforts will have a good outcome. When we were married nearly 57years ago Cec had moved in 6mths earlier and had begun to formulate a 5year plan …..
    Daughter Charlotte visited from Surrey over the weekend. Lovely to see her. She and husband both working from home, both sons,W(19) first yr Mech.Eng at Bath and T(17) L6 boarding school are at home at present. All have been happily engaged in gardening, house painting, cooking and walking in their time off recently. Your jigsaws remind me of our annual family weeks together when their has always been an extremely difficult one positioned for the next piece or two worked on by who ever passes by.

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