31st July 2020


The hottest day of the year and third hottest day “ever” (presumably with some qualification on ‘since records began’ or something) for the UK – and it feels it.

Despite the heat I had much more energy today (yesterdays lethargy gone completely probably because of all the napping I ended up doing yesterday). I was productive and got through lots of work, and feel I’ve left everything in a pretty good place as I declare myself on holiday for two weeks (although I can’t imagine I’ll actually manage to completely step away from work while we’re at home next week).

F had her session with Mrs C (aka Liz) this morning and was so upset to find we’d said we were on holiday next week we booked in an extra session for next Friday to keep her happy!

B spent the day on the computer – tidying up some code he’d written then trying to create an “air scooter” simulation (meant to be like a ball of air a character (Aang) from the cartoon series Avatar (no not that one) rides around on.)

F watched The Greatest Showman in the afternoon (skipping the Jenny Lind songs as “boring”), and in the evening we all watched the new Muppet show on Disney+.

But now it’s holiday time – looking forward to being away from next Saturday (desperately hoping the current lockdown measures don’t turn into a second national lockdown or affect us or the area we are travelling to), and the plan for this week is to do some work in the garden and around the house. But I think tomorrow I’ll just take it easy 🙂

Stay safe, stay strong x

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